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very nice mod

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Great mod! The new mechanics were really fun!

I think it's really funny how the exploding crates can crush you but their explosions can't kill you.


All berries was really fun!


(It really was nice to take a break from foreverred gemskip lol)


this is amazing, so many new mechanics, cool music and style, i think it's smoother aswell? I did sorta bad but this is really cool gud job


re: the smoothing, we changed the physics code to remove an off-by-one error in the vanilla game that causes the 'jankiness' of the movement; however, that normally completely screws up how the game plays. Meep actually wrote a genetic algorithm to find the closest possible physics values to the old code while retaining the smoothness, and it turned out nearly perfect. most of the speedrun tricks and setups from vanilla still work too!

What a great and difficult mod, wish there were more mods like this! (how many strawberrys were there?)

<3 there's six berries total, so you only missed one!

What a journey 

ε-(´・`) フ

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Cut down the time :D





Its awesome! I love the music a ton. Is there a soundcloud page or some other place I can find it?


The ost is on youtube now, if you're still interested!


I nearly gave up on “inside the box” (it took a while to figure out what exactly I was expected to do) but I’m glad I didn’t – that ending sequence was really fun!

how do you do that puzzle?

great question, neither do i.