A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Light_Grenade is a short, Portal-inspired Puzzle-Platformer made for the Brackeys Game Jam 2018. You wield the Light-Grenade Launcher, and can activate Light-Switches and other objects to solve puzzles.

It controls like your standard platformer. Use the mouse to shoot grenades.

Install instructions

Just unzip everything into a folder and run Light_Grenade.exe


Light_Grenade 1.1.zip 23 MB
Light_Grenade 1.1 (Mac).zip 27 MB

Development log


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For some reason, the game lags a lot on Mac. I have plenty of storage space, didn't have anything else open, and had it set to the lowest resolution, and it still lagged to the point where the controls, like jump, would register late, causing me to fall into an abyss.

Huh, that's strange. I actually haven't tested it on Mac, as I don't really have a Macbook easily accessible. I just exported it through Unity.