(Foreverred v1.1) Small update out now!

I've just released a small quality of life update with suggestions from friends and speedrunners of the game. Nothing's been adjusted level-design wise, but these tweaks should hopefully make the mod a bit of a smoother experience.


-timer, death count, reddish count, and route display now appear correctly on respawn in checkpointed levels

-interacting with watchtowers and the minigame now requires you to stand still and press down

-you can now win the secret minigame

-mapdata no longer breaks when resumed from the pico-8 console

-added a missing member to a statue in the hall of champions, no post-release accomplishments were added

-updated title screen to include more credits

-end screen now shows total number of reddishes in route

-adjusted the wind track

-potentially fixed a very rare crash that can trigger on web versions of the mod


foreverred_v1.1_web.zip Play in browser
Aug 31, 2021
foreverred_v1.1_windows.zip 1 MB
Aug 31, 2021
foreverred_v1.1_osx.zip 3 MB
Aug 31, 2021
foreverred_v1.1_linux.zip 714 kB
Aug 31, 2021
foreverred_v1.1_pico8.zip 86 kB
Aug 31, 2021

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