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new pb once againnn

now 22 seconds >:-)


Really nice mod. As a casual player I enjoyed it a lot.


Cool mod. I got a 24 minute time first try. Gonna improve more hopefully!

This is probably the best Celeste hack i have ever played. I also love that you included the snake game like the pico 8 in Celeste.

maybe someday I'll speedrun, but I would have to be very desperate. now, just trueskip and speedrun

LETS HECKING GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally beat gemskip!!!!!!!!!! 1:55:02, 11 berries, 1137 deaths. LETS GO

YEESSSSSSSSSS I DID IT I BEAT 1900 GEMSKIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! am I supposed to somehow skip the second gem or do I just take it and do the rest with two dashes?

there's no way to skip it

oh wow this is tough

I am beginning to realize that trueskip is the supreme test of patience and skill

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three questions about trueskip: has anyone ever beaten it (other than taco360)? how long did it take them? how many levels are there?

quite a few people have done it, you can check out the speedrunning leaderboard here and click the "trueskip" tab to view the runs!

also, i cleaned up some of your comments, as they were starting to flood the section, sorry. i'd highly recommend joining the Celeste Classic discord if you wanna keep chatting, link is in the game description

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Oh that's really cool! I didn't know there was a speedrun page for this. I'll be quieter from now on. Now, what have I gotten myself into with trueskip?

hmm. what is trueskip? I know what gemskip is of course but what is true skip?

trueskip is AMAZING OH MY GOSH

How to do: on first level, open chest then go back right through the wall. that will open the way

but don't get the gem

1400 m gemskip: is the berry possible? I think not, but please prove me wrong.

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congrats on getting through 1100! yeah all berries are possible in all routes

Well unfortunately the page reloaded now and I have to start all over again . . . someday. (btw, on 1400 I ended up having to do the glitch where you can get your dash back from a spike. I thought this was cheese, but there's certainly no way to get the berry without it. Thanks for such an amazing mod!)

I love it but the screen should shake when you dash.


Played this on pico8 and this was so good. The levels were very well designed.

If you are trying trueskip etc and want to see the levels if you cannot beat them, you can increase your max jumps in pico8 in console mode

max_djump = 100

you can also disable death by spike by

bbb=function() end

to continue the game with your changes made type


to make death work again type


Back to comments - I know you only have 56 pico8 symbols left but it would be cool to use the pico8 persistent save functionality to allow save/load of runs so you don't have to complete all runs in one go.

yeah, a save / load system was planned for a long time but it didn't end up happening due to space limitations

also good tips for people who want to check out the trueskip content! :>

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this might be better than the original

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Spoiler warning:

Here is the trueskip mode found in the very first level

Yey! I did it for the 2nd time again.

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Hi this is the hardest but challenging mod and there is a secret when you are in "Graveyard of the fallen'' room you will see a gap if you go over there you will see a computer if you tap jump button while standing on the computer you can play a penguin snake game have fun!



I just got an 11:33, but I made so many mistakes


Now I got an 8:28

btw this is the best mod I have ever played

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i loved this its so much easier than the original and i suck at the original so ya :) 

i stuck on second from begin

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Amazing. A worthy successor to the original PICO-8 Celeste.


I liked this game, very well taco

Normal mode: 0:14:30, 12 berries, 73 deaths

Gemskip mode: 02:21:47, 8 berries, 1403 deaths, I suffered a lot with this mode

Man this game is addicting, I love the way you traverse in this game.

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I love how you can choose to do it without the starting upgrade if you want more of a challenge. I'm trying to do a gemless playthrough now, but I'm stuck on 1200m :P

(0:37:02, 11 berries, 268 deaths on normal mode)

Great job!!!! 🕹️😎

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I love Celeste Classic (despite not being very good at it), so seeing this made my day!

1:41:24, 4 berries, 734 deaths. Really fun game


Nice work!
0:58:22, 11 berries, 461 deaths.

ive always hated celeste , so this isnt a game for me but i made it to level 3 before i got bored and it looked good so kudos !

hope celeste lovers pick up on this , you  should post it on lexaloffle

you hate celeste?!

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yup ! lol , just dont like the mechanics , prefer old school platformers , im nearly 50 so grown up on donkey kong etc !!!


a 50 year old, on itch, wow

ya um wow HOW U FIND THIS