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after this I am downloading real celeste and using this to practice for farewell

Playing original Celeste Classic, I thought the base was impossible because red is one dash in Classic

I think I got really lucky, didn't even realize how good I was doing until I finished. My fastest run before this was like 10 minutes

I can't get past 900m normal lol send help

I have a 5:08 best rn


This is so much harder than either Celeste Classic or Foreverred. Check both of these out too if you find this game first!

yeah, foreverred smoothed out a lot of the rough difficulty spikes from the original version

maybe even better than normal

Is this even possible on trueskip?

It's possible, but it requires a lot of advanced speedtech (spikeclips etc). Wasn't made with casual players in mind, haha. Would recommend checking out the Celeste Classic Glossary if you're interested in learning more:

So THAT'S why I can walljump off spikes with the right timing.

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Really nice game, but the levels get so hard afterwards, if possible can you post a playthrough of your game?
Good Work! though

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I completed the game, it was nice and hard
I like it and the colors as well
Good Work!


Has anyone ever speedran everred?


Incredible Game, love it! Really challenging and fun!

Nice game, i like the new art style.

Same errors. 9/10