Everred is a mod of Celeste Classic that adds completely new levels, themes, and even a few features. There's also music remixes and new sprites. You should play Classic before playing this!

There's three routes through the game (Normal, Gemskip, and Trueskip) that you can take depending on which chests you open; however, the Gemskip and Trueskip routes require speedrun strats that aren't taught here.

Lots of credit to Matt and Noel from Matt Makes Games for the original game, and to the Celeste Classic Discord for all the help and feedback.


Everred (Windows).zip 1,002 kB
Everred (Mac).zip 3 MB
Everred (Linux).zip 557 kB

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maybe even better than normal

Is this even possible on trueskip?

It's possible, but it requires a lot of advanced speedtech (spikeclips etc). Wasn't made with casual players in mind, haha. Would recommend checking out the Celeste Classic Glossary if you're interested in learning more: https://celesteclassic.github.io/glossary/

So THAT'S why I can walljump off spikes with the right timing.

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Really nice game, but the levels get so hard afterwards, if possible can you post a playthrough of your game?
Good Work! though

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I completed the game, it was nice and hard
I like it and the colors as well
Good Work!


Has anyone ever speedran everred?


Incredible Game, love it! Really challenging and fun!

Nice game, i like the new art style.

Same errors. 9/10